Collected Strands improvisation quartet

Features  Leah Roseman, violin; Raphael Weinroth-Browne, cello; James McGowan, piano; and Mike Essoudry, drums. The videos capture moments from a few different concerts at the National Arts Centre, in Ottawa. New recording coming in early 2024.

Modasaurus jazz-fusion quartet

In the height of the pandemic, Modasaurus finally gave a live-streamed CD release concert for the album 4K. Check out our two albums in the /recordings section. Modasaurus forms the rhythm core of the larger James McGowan Ensemble and the  /reaching-in-reaching-out project.

Michael Curtis Hanna and James McGowan

Michael Curtis Hanna and James often collaborate with spiritual jazz performances, especially in the Knox Presbyterian Jazz Vespers series. In development is our Jazz-Psalms project, where we transform jazz standards into contemplative settings for contemporary adaptations of the psalms. 

Contrapuntal compositions 

O Canada Double Fugue, composed and performed by James McGowan. There is also an Orchestral version performed by the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra, and an Organ version performed by Ernest Ruppenthal. Other fugues and similar works are available on James' YouTube channel.

Dong-Won Kim and James McGowan

Korean percussionist Dong-Won Kim recorded a live freely improvised concert with James in 2016, leading to the release of the album Over the Mountain. We gave a CD release concert in January 2018 with Jesse Stewart, who also recorded a CD with Dong-Won.