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Reaching In/
Reaching Out

James McGowan Ensemble

Reaching In / Reaching Out is an extended story told through music, spoken-word poetry, and visual art of a protagonist's journey from struggles of isolation, low self-worth, social anxiety, addiction, and loss, to finding peace, acceptance, belonging, and a sense of community. This multi-movement suite is composed and performed in a classical-jazz fusion style. Using powerful musical expression and recurring motivic gestures the work conveys deep emotions and extra-musical meaning. Supplemented by poetry, the instrumental music itself and the painting of Reaching In guides us through a narrative of overcoming personal challenges to offer an uncertain, yet hopeful future. 

Part 1: Reaching In - Release date: June 23, 2023
Part 2: Reaching Out - Release date: TBA, 2024

Reaching In

Painting by An Nguyen, 2023 (photo by Ian Holmes)

Picture of Reaching In Painting by An Nguyen

Reaching In Credits
James McGowan: piano/keyboards, producer, all compositions and poetry (SOCAN)
Alex Moxon, guitar; Jean-Philippe (JP) Lapensée, bass; Jamie Holmes, drums & percussion 
Cendrine Despax & Jean Despax, violin; Maxime Despax & Olivier Philippe-Auguste, viola; Valérie Despax & Cal McGowan, cello;  
Ed Lister, trumpet; Mark Ferguson, trombone; Petr Cancura & Mike Tremblay, saxophones
Jamaal Amir Akbari [a.k.a. JustJamaal ThePoet], spoken word performer
Steve Foley: audio recording and mixing; Rob Cosh: mixing and mastering 
An Nguyen: painting and CD cover artist

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts

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